The Church

What is the Church?, by Matt Slick 

Five Functions of the Church


Elders and Deacons


Worship in the Early Church


A Suggested Model for the 'Worship Service'


A worship service should be influenced by the Holy Spirit, where worshippers spontaneously pray, read Scripture, sing psalms and hymns in the worship and adoration of God. Being mindful of fellow worshippers Christians can harmoniously contribute to the service, decently and in order. The service should not become a liturgy (fixed order of service).


Opening Prayer (by an Elder or mature brother)


The Attributes of God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit)

All Powerful

All present

All Knowing








Any of these attributes can be chosen for prayer, Scripture reading, psalms and hymns - randomly chosen, or by the leading of the Holy Spirit


Scripture Exposition (ideally 20 minutes duration)


The Life of the Lord Jesus Christ

Pre-earthly existence

Theophanies (Jesus' earthly appearances in Old Testament times)



Crucifixion and Death


High Priest position

Coming for His Saints

Coming to Earth (Pre-millennial)


Any of these attributes can be chosen for prayer, Scripture reading, psalms and hymns

- randomly chosen, or by the leading of the Holy Spirit


Bread and Wine (for Christians only)


Benediction (eg. 2 Corinthians 13:14)





Baptism and The Lord's Supper 

Is there a biblical spiritual gifts list?


Apostles [sent out ones]

Modern Day Prophets -  Do They Exist Today?


"The Work of the Evangelist" 


Pacific Garden Mission, Chicago, IL: "Unshackled!" - dramatised audio testimonies


Christian Missions Charitable Trust, India  


Dublin Christian Mission 


Bridges For Peace, Israel 


Aontas -  Irish partnership of Bible-centred churches, organizations, and individuals

Church History Series -  David Pawson

01.  AD30 - 400,  02.  AD400 - 1400,  03.  The Reformation,  04.  16th Century,  05.  17th Century,  06.  18th Century

07.  1800 to 1850,  08.  1850 to 1900,  09.  1900 to 1968,  10. The Church in the Future,  11.  The Return of Jesus,

About David Pawson (2000)   



'The Pilgrim Church' by EH Broadbent

The Ancient Church, by William Dool Killen D.D.

History of the Christian Church, by Philip  Schaff -

Timeline of Christianity, Wikipedia

The Seven Ecumenical Councils, by Philip Schaff 

Church in Rome in the First Century, by George Edmundson

Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, by Edward Gibbon

(Included for historical background)

 Relating to one another in our daily lives

   Facebook text by Forrest Chambers - 22 August, 2018 

We seem to be focused on what happens in our meetings and that is quite alright, but I believe we are missing the larger picture about how God wants us to live our lives and that is to have a connection to each other during the week as well. The body of Christ is talked about a lot, but in reality, we really don't understand our role or function in that body. What we need is a more intimate relationship with each other than we can get in a meeting environment. We don't really Know each other very well that enables us to really be able to help each other emotionally and spiritually, at least that is my belief, and I believe we are missing a huge blessing to ourselves, to each other and to God. What do you think?

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